Onsite Coaching

Leader Coaching

At Skyrocket, we believe in the power of anchoring leader development in evidence-based, foundational and advanced best practices. Leaders will begin their journey by developing a vision for their school or department, aligned goals, and core values. The experience evolves into application as leaders are equipped with the day-to-day skills necessary to execute and coach others to execute in the face of complexity and challenges. Finally, leaders diversify their skills and knowledge through balanced leadership training and experiences. Execution management, family and community engagement, and cultural competency training headline the final chapter of our leadership sequence.

Teacher Coaching

Teachers begin with a planning, goal setting, and diagnostics session of their instructional pedagogy. Baseline data and past student outcomes inform the tailored experience that utilizes both full group professional development and on-site 1:1 coaching. Concrete goals are set in accordance with the Skyrocket Teacher Framework to ensure alignment, clarity, and accountability. Progress to goals is monitored throughout the coaching cycle and helps us determine the level of support necessary for success. Above all, Skyrocket support is focused on outcomes, and therefore our support mirrors the needs of the teacher and students.

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