Skyrocket Education exists for a single, audacious goal: to drive educational justice for students through intense and intentional school leader and teacher training

We Can. We Will. Skyrocket!

Skyrocket Education specializes in leader and teacher training and coaching in urban public, charter, and faith-based schools. Their models are the simplest, most precise, and most intentional in education today.


We are a team of nationally respected practitioners with a proven record of guiding schools and school systems to excellence.

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Our Skyrocket programs are designed to cut through the noise that often bogs down traditional leader and teacher development. They’re simple, action-oriented, and structured to make immediate change to leader and teacher practice.

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All Skyrocket Education Resources are free. We encourage you to download these, use them in your schools, and share them wildly.

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What People Are Saying

"Skyrocket Education has been a catalyst for change in the Beloit community. They have supported the leadership team at The Lincoln Academy in ensuring that Skyrocket coaching is integrated into everything we do. Skyrocket leadership and teacher coaching is having an incredibly positive impact on our scholar outcomes and school community.

Dr. Kristi Cole
The Lincoln Academy
Beloit, WI

"As a new Superintendent, my partnership with Skyrocket has been invaluable and a true asset to our academic leadership team. Their coaching provides an objective eye, firm accountability, and reliable support.

LaRonda Moore
Old Redford Academy
Detroit, MI

"Skyrocket has helped me transform the way I lead a school. In addition to working with them to effectively problem solve the challenges that school leaders regularly encounter, Skyrocket has worked with me to create the systems and tools necessary to lead in a way that is proactive and ensures strong student outcomes in a positive school climate.

Stephen Janczewski
St. Malachy Catholic School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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