Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Skyrocket Education exists for a single, audacious goal: to drive educational justice for students through intense and intentional school leader and teacher training.

Our Values

Mission First

We operate without ego or personal pride. All decisions we make are in the best interest of Skyrocket, our partners, and our mission.

Radical Transparency

Anyone can give feedback to anyone on anything. We go straight to the source and deliver feedback with the intention of improving performance and increasing outcomes.

Sky-High Integrity

We show up early, meet deadlines, and over-deliver on projects and deliverables; and, when we fall short, we own it and recommit.

Find a Way

When a problem arises, we commit to being bigger than our feelings and work to find solutions immediately.

Keep It Simple

We believe that less is more. We don’t overcomplicate things. From conversations, to presentations, and in every interaction, we prioritize simplicity.

Unwavering Belief

We believe unwaveringly in the ability and the potential of our partners, their students, and their communities. We hold ourselves and our partners highly accountable for using language and exhibiting mindsets that reflect this.

Our mission and programming
are powered by four key mindsets...

Our mission, approach, and mindsets are the drivers of our theory of action that seeks to provide a transformative experience for school leaders. Our mission is for educators to emerge from Skyrocket’s leadership training as best-in-class school leaders who demonstrate the adaptive and technical skills necessary to lead school communities to a future of equity, opportunity, and breakthrough results.