Frameworks & Manuals


Teacher Coaching Framework

The Skyrocket Teacher Coaching and Evaluation Framework* was designed as an antidote to the myriad overly dense, hard-to-digest, jargony frameworks and rubrics out there. The process is simple: look at what students are (or aren’t) doing and backwards map from there to choose the biggest lever teacher action or actions from our provided list. Leaders who use this framework go from talking generally about teacher development to being experts who quickly internalize the content, become comfortable with the language, and begin analyzing classrooms with pinpoint accuracy.


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Leader Coaching Framework

The Skyrocket Leader Coaching Framework* was designed to give school leaders a logical, sequenced road map of how to do the most important parts of the job at a world class level. The leader actions begin with foundational skills that integrate management best practices into the school setting. The framework evolves to focus on teacher coaching, leader coaching, data analysis, and developing community within and beyond the school. Leaders who use this framework go from chasing the next problem to expertly managing their time, decisions, and people to radically improve outcomes for students.

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School Culture Framework

The Skyrocket School Culture Framework*  is designed to give leaders a step by step approach to organizing and evaluating equitable systems and practices within their schools. The framework starts with basic organization and communication expectations and progresses into data driven leadership and diversity, equity and inclusion.  Culture leaders who use this framework will transform their approach to school culture from reacting to problems to a proactive and systematic approach to organizing structure and joy within their buildings.


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Special Education Framework

The Skyrocket Special Education Framework* is designed to help school teams holistically assess and then determine correct action steps toward supporting their special education staff. The Framework prioritizes compliance work, instruction, and adult collaboration to support a healthy special education department. The Special Education Framework can be used in tandem with other Skyrocket Frameworks or as a standalone document.  We recommend you begin with the first three tiers related to compliance and organization to establish a strong foundation and then move to instruction and adult collaboration. 

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Teacher Coaching Manual

Welcome to the Skyrocket Teacher Coaching Manual. This manual is meant to accompany the Skyrocket Teacher Coaching Framework. Each teacher action from our framework is linked to a real-world rationale that teacher coaches can share with teachers that fully explains why the action matters. Coaches will find look-for’s and practice activities to ensure the appropriate use of the framework and coaches land on exactly what the teacher needs.

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Leader Coaching Manual

The Skyrocket Leader Coaching Manual accompanies the The Skyrocket Leader Framework. The Leader manual marries the Leader actions with a concrete rationale based in relatable, everyday situations for the leader. The Leader action is also supported by an example of “what it looks like” when the leader action is implemented with fidelity as well as scenarios that a leader coach could employ to build habituated behaviors of the leader.

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School Culture Manual

The Skyrocket Culture Manual accompanies the The Skyrocket Culture Framework. The Culture Manual links the leader actions found in the framework with a concrete rationale based in relatable, day-to-day situations for the leader. The Leader action is also supported by an example of “what it looks like” when the action is executed with fidelity and accompanying practice activities that a leader coach could employ to build the habituated behaviors and skills of the leader to bring those actions to life.

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