Proven Outcomes to Exceed Your Expectations

Evidence Based Success

92% agree or strongly agree

...that Skyrocket has positively impacted their organizational approach to utilizing data to improve their school

100% of leaders agree or strongly agree

...that since working with Skyrocket – communication within their leadership and externally has significantly improved since last year

90% of leader’s agree or strongly agree

...that they are aware of the most important levers to improve their school and the outcomes for the students they serve since working with Skyrocket

100% of leader’s agree or strongly agree  

...that since working with Skyrocket they have significantly gown as leader.

96% of leader’s agree or strongly agree 

...that since working with Skyrocket they are a more effective leader 

We’re Leading Excellence - Nationwide

  • For the 2021/22 school year, 73% of our national cohort schools had double digit growth in ELA outcomes (as measured by NWEA/MAP, STAR, and Terranova assessments).

  • For the 2021/22 school year, 54% of our national cohort schools had double digit growth in Math outcomes.

  • 79% of schools who engaged with Skyrocket exceeded their state averages and were identified as “Closing the Gap”

What People Are Saying

"Skyrocket pushes me to stay focused on my goals and helps to create systems to track those goals. They are approachable and serve as a thought partner not only through planned, but also unforeseen circumstances when they arise.

Asst. Principal,
Philadelphia, PA

"Skyrocket has helped me tremendously! I love being able to collaborate with other professionals in education and receiving the push around strands that have and will continue to propel us forward in all aspects of leadership.

Head of School
Milwaukee, WI

"Through Skyrockets coaching I have shifted my instructional focus to be more data driven. This in turn has led to improved outcomes for my kids.” My skill as a leader has also changed, I see leadership through a more purposeful lens now, my staff is happier and so am I.

Gainesville, TX

"By using Skyrocket, I have observed teachers developing their practice rapidly, which led to an increase in student achievement on benchmarks and exit tickets, as well as state assessments. The team at Skyrocket is changing the game by solving real-world school problems.

Atlanta, GA