What We Do

Skyrocket offers a range of supports to school leaders and teachers, including on-the-ground coaching, virtual trainings, and audits to pinpoints high impact actions to drive student learning.


School and Teacher Leader Programming

Onsite Coaching

Leaders: Work side-by-side with one of our school leader coaches. We’ll support you to design systems, set goals, collect data, coach teachers and your team members, and execute all facets of school leadership at an exemplar level.

Teachers: We coach 1st and 2nd year (and your most struggling) teachers to ensure they’re building relationships with students, honing their classroom culture and instructional skills, and feeling confident.


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On The Bench Virtual Leadership Series

Calling all future school leaders! Our On The Bench Virtual Leadership Series is a year-long intensive program designed to prepare new and potential leaders to take on school leadership roles. This program is for teachers, teacher leaders, deans, and other staff members who are ready to increase their leadership skills while also building community across states and across sectors. Participants will engage in an immersive learning experience, facilitated book studies of critical leadership literature as well as intense practice to make their new learning concrete and practical.

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Special Education Academy

Join our special education experts for a 10 session, yearlong deep-dive into all things special education. Create the most effective systems for implementation of a successful special education program. In addition to the Special Education Academy, Skyrocket is offering three additional Special Education support options.

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Skyrocket Coaching Community

Skyrocket Education’s first-ever program dedicated solely to the development of anyone who coaches teachers is the most intentional and precise program out there. Join The Skyrocket Coaching Community to rapidly build your skill and confidence in coaching teachers.



School Audits

School Culture

Single School Audit: Positive school culture is an absolute prerequisite to reach any goals in a school. Our team of school experts are ready to engage you in a deep and reflective examination of your school culture to ensure groundbreaking student outcomes.

District/Network Wide Audit: We specialize in multi-school districts and network culture systems alignment. We will partner with you to examine cultural practices across multiple schools and departments to ensure alignment, clarity and in the end a more succinct and equitable district.

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Skyrocket team of instructional and curricular experts are ready to take you and your learning to the next level by deeply examining your approaches to teaching and learning. Our work will be deeply rooted in the standards and supported with an equitable and inclusive lens to ensure all students have access to high quality learning opportunities and succeed.



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District/ Network Culture Audit

Our District and Network-wide Culture Audits are not just summative or an overall view of your district’s approach to building and maintaining school culture. 





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Organizational Health

To ensure that your organization is sustainable now and for the future, our team of systems leaders will guide you through a strategic and personalized audit process aimed at ensuring that your orgazinationmaximizes school operations, finance and facilities to positively impact student outcomes. Where needed, we will engage our partners in the strategic planning process to enure long term planning and alignment.




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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

Partner with us for both onsite and group trainings dedicated to building the critical consciousness of your educators and school leaders. Our team can support you in creating empowering learning environments about race, class, power, and privilege grounded in Culturally Relevant and Anti-Racist pedagogy.

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