School Audits


Instruction Audit

Skyrocket instructional audit will ensure that the teaching and learning within your district or school meet the rigorous standards of the Common Core. In parallel, we will provide an analysis of how your instructional practices are rooted in culturally relevant and anti-racist pedagogy. Regardless of your approach to teaching and learning, we will ensure that your practices translate to sky-high student outcomes. 

The Skyrocket Instructional Audit includes

  • Review of curricular implementation and execution at the student level
  • Classroom observation to determine trends in lived teacher-student practices and interactions
  • Analysis of student outcome data collection, analysis, and planning
  • Observation of instructional staff development and preparation
  • Teacher and student instructional survey (where needed)


School Culture Audit

Whether your school is just starting out or your approach to school culture needs a little tweaking, our school culture audit will provide you with a detailed assessment and set of recommendations to reinforce a positive adult and student culture. Our team of school culture experts is ready to help you raise the bar and meet your goals!

The Skyrocket Single School Audit includes:

  • Schoolwide classroom culture observations and feedback
  • Staff, student, and family interviews
  • Review of culture systems and modes of operation
  • Analysis of current culture data and systems
  • Culture guidance document review and analysis


District/Network Culture Audit

Our District and Network-wide Culture Audits are not just summative or an overall view of your district’s approach to building and maintaining school culture. Moreso, we hold the district or network up to scrutiny against its own standards of quality using a rigorous, research-based protocol. The results from our in-depth analysis will inform your practice and ensure that your future practices are rooted in data and universal best practices.

The Skyrocket district culture audit includes: 

  • Networkwide school culture observations and feedback
  • District/Network leadership, staff, student, and community interviews
  • Administration of network survey or analysis of preexisting data
  • Review of network culture data systems and modes of operation
  • District Guidance document review and analysis


Organizational Health Audit

To better understand how all of the components of your organization interact, support, and synergize with each other, an organizational health audit is the first step. In this process, we will examine your school's standard operating procedures, strategic plan, and modes of operation. We will provide a detailed analysis of the finances, operations, facilities, and all of the components of your school that support teaching, learning, and student achievement. We will root our work in the organization's strategic plan when available. In the event, there is no strategic plan in place, we will guide the organization through the process of strategic planning. 

The Organizational Health Audit includes:

  • Deep analysis of organizational alignment across multiple departments and domains
  • Review and reflection of espoused school vision/mission/values for lived practices
  • Strategic planning benchmarking
  • Organizational observations with feedback and recommendations for improvement

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