School Leadership Coaching

At Skyrocket, we believe in the power of anchoring leader development in evidence-based, foundational and advanced best practices. Leaders will begin their journey by developing a vision for their school or department, aligned goals, and core values. The experience evolves into application as leaders are equipped with the day-to-day skills necessary to execute and coach others to execute in the face of complexity and challenges. Finally, leaders diversify their skills and knowledge through balanced leadership training and experiences. Execution management, family and community engagement, and cultural competency training headline the final chapter of our leadership sequence.

District Schools

Skyrocket has worked with multiple large city school districts across the country. Our leadership coaches will build your leadership capacity, and you will establish the foundation needed to support teachers and leaders to fully design, implement, and sustain innovation in their classrooms and drive student achievement.

We support District school leaders in implementing all components of their strategic plan, monitoring the progress of initiatives, and building practices to bring district and statewide initiatives to life.

In the end, you and your team will realize a shared vision and learn how to drive equitable outcomes across your school and community.

Charter Schools

Skyrocket coaches have deep experience working with charter schools and the unique requirements of leading toward success. We have provided direct coaching to over 150 charter school leaders and their networks. All of our work is outcome-driven that is based on shoulder-to-shoulder coaching, aligned and meaningful professional development, thoughtful planning, and progress monitoring to achieve rigorous goals and outcomes.

Faith-Based Schools

Skyrocket Education has experience coaching and serving leaders of schools across a multitude of faiths. Regardless of your beliefs, we are committed to ensuring the future of faith-based schools is bright and strong. Our goal is to guide and empower every faith-based school we work with to achieve transformations they would have never dreamed possible. We root all of our faith-based work in data and the organizations' faith identity.

Our unique combination of objectivity and sensitivity leads to custom-crafted, innovative, faith-based leadership plans that lead to equitable and sustainableĀ student outcomes.

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