Zavvy - 5/12/23: Michael Sonbert Quote - "11 Coaching Skills That Make a Great Manager (+ Free Training Plan)"

Nov 14, 2023



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Goal setting

Michael Sonbert, the Founder and CEO at Rebel Culture, says:

"Coaches need to know what success looks like in any given scenario. To be clear, they don't necessarily need to be experts themselves, but they do need to know what it looks like when done well. Just like an Olympic coach wouldn't ever be better than the person they're training, but they do know things about breathing, body positioning, and mindset that the people they're coaching might not."

As coaches, managers solve present issues and think of possible avenues where an employee can grow and what success will look like. For this, goal setting, the ability to set clear goals, is essential: it helps to create a plan of action.

Managers as coaches can ace goal setting by:

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