Our Approach

Skyrocket Education exists for a single, audacious goal: to dramatically impact student outcomes through intense and intentional school leader and teacher training. Skyrocket’s approach, founded on decades of shared educator experience and research, is formulated to drive both teacher and leader impact through three critical steps: diagnosis, goal-setting, and coaching.

Step 1


Our coaching process begins with a diagnosis of a district, school, or even individual teacher’s biggest areas of success and their biggest levers for creating change.

Step 2


Once those levers are determined, all Skyrocket coaching is rooted in shared, mutually developed goals. You can’t hit a target you can’t see, and at Skyrocket, the targets are crystal clear.

Step 3


Straight feedback, data-sharing, intentional modeling, and role-play anchor our coaching process. In a trusting environment, and without buzzwords, we work tirelessly with educators to improve their skill and create change for students.