Special Education Academy

A healthy special education program can be the heartbeat of a great school!

Retaining and motivating great Special Education staff, however, can be hard work. Nationally, the rate of special educators has decreased by 17% since 2006. You likely know many of the difficulties facing your team (hefty paperwork loads, tough state and federal guidelines, complex parent concerns). What you may not know is that these are not the primary reasons special education teachers are leaving the job! When asked in a recent national study, the primary reasons are burnout and feeling undervalued by school leadership. Much of the issue of retention is within our locus of control. Through strong systems and thoughtful management, the struggle to corral competing priorities for your special education team can be really simplified! Let’s maximize your current resources and tailor special education services toward your current need, and let’s train your team to maintain it! We work to determine what is foundationally essential, using in-house resources first, and determining what are priority next steps to create smoothly running systems, focused and well prepared Special Education Professionals, strong supports, and most importantly, thriving students.

Skyrocket is offering three support options!

Option 1

2 Day Diagnostic Service

First, we will begin with a diagnostic. Looking at your data, your current services, the state of your compliance work, instruction and intervention, budgets/available resources, and structures that support these.  From here we determine the highest lever work to push your department to the next level.

  • Pre-Interviews and data collection with your team
  • 1 Day of Onsite interviews, review of programming and observations
  • 1 Day of compliance and structure assessment
  • In person Leadership Report Back
  • 4-6 page Actionable Report including:
    • Highlighted list of most important primary goals
    • Concrete, Intermediate steps to get you there
    • Suggested timelines and resources

Option 2

8 Week Short Term Intervention

We work with your team to determine a high leverage training or a suite of trainings paired with systems development to build structure that is lasting and sustainable in your school. This is meant to kick-start and get you traction on an area of needed development. A potential area of focus could be Streamlined Student Supports, Compliance Reboot, or High-Leverage Inclusion. We tailor the focus toward the greatest lever for accelerated growth.

  • 4 Days Launch + High Support Kick-start Coaching
  • 3 Days of Onsite Responsive Team Coaching 
  • 2 Day Diagnostic and Download
  • 1.5 Days Responsive Training
  • Final Assessment and Debrief of Progress and Next Steps


Option 3

1 Year Long Term Supports

Bring us on to provide long term support toward a vision for strong, sustainable special education services over the course of a year. You will leave with a long-term plan for high-priority initiatives.  After a diagnostic, we will proceed with a year-long support plan including:

  • 10 Days of Onsite Team Coaching toward your goals
  • 6 Days Responsive Training
  • 4 Days Launch + High Support Kick-start Coaching
  • 3 Day Diagnostic and Download including Team Goal and Objective Setting
  • Final Assessment and Debrief of Progress and Next Steps
  • Weekly check-in and access for email and phone consult


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